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Alternative Medicine Should Be Used More Frequently Because This Is Working for anyone

Alternative Medicine Should Be Used More Frequently Because This Is Working for anyone

Yesterday I found a video on youtube and there was an article with a co-operation between alternative medicine and modern medicine. Alternatively, I prefer to call traditional medicine, as it was originally, it is not the other. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised.

Really energetic preventive medicine

preventive medicine
It was not the first time I heard about it in a short time . 
I 'm working on setting ( no joke ) of a veritable " Healthy Its Board is " ... What ( natural / complementary / regular ) doctors, scientists and therapists to join for a monthly meeting for a Healthy Make no conflict of interest ? Really energetic preventive medicine , with emphasis on " Health Bevordere . " Instead of " Fight Disease " and "Symptoms Shift '! And do not heal . There are other developments , but more on that later ... "Overt cooperation between traditional and modern medicine . It is something that is needed. Modern medicine should not forget where its roots lie . Traditional medicine should not forget that there are quite a few developments have been and where people can have . Certainly benefit Fortunately, more and more people open their eyes and hearts to combine both modes ; the one excludes the other not . Know a lot of people for years and the number is increasing . People realize that it can be best for the big pharmaceutical companies. Moneymaker People are becoming more vocal and become even more better informed thanks to the internet . A ( family) doctor is only human and can not know everything . From my own experience I know that specialists can be enormously stubborn and not open to anyone's opinion , but as they are (thankfully ) not all. It 's about your own health ( are ) asking is free.Doctors in Europe and the United States would have to put in more often. Alternative medicine Several doctors and hospital administrators have participated in these projects.

Too much Money

Treatments such as acupuncture and relaxation therapies should be . Much more frequently applied The organization emphasizes that it only comes to alternative care where the effectiveness is proven . "It would be a shame if we do care that the patient does remember ," says Professor Hans Jeekel surgery .Hans Jeekel expects that most alternative medicine will not meet the conditions. European and American People give too much money to care that often does not work or even turn out wrong.Examples of complementary care that the report does work include : dietary supplements in the prevention of aging therapies focus on the body and psyche that pain and stress reduction , acupuncture, chiropractic and music .The proposal is proven effective to compensate through alternative care health insurance . This is relatively inexpensive because medications are less expensive . This could be saved in other care. The doctors involved in a report and a research focus on ZonW , to investigate what types of additional care make sense to enter.

Nice to see that one seriously deal with it . Sorry to see that there is an association which is so incredibly responsive and rigid leg keeps always stiff,  even though they make huge bloopers with statements . Close your eyes to other opinions is why are so stubborn in time ?

Where are you scared for? The interviewed Professor of Surgery (Hans Jekel) has an open mind . Some things are simply not measurable . If it works, then it works . Remember that we are all different and that the search ( in any field ) is or may be or what works for you .

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