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Energies Of Lunar And Solar Eclipse At The Night of 14/15th Of April

Energies Of Lunar And Solar Eclipse At The Night of 14/15th Of April

Energies Of Lunar And Solar Eclipse At The Night of 14/15th Of April


eclipses always work through the subconscious

The total lunar and Solar eclipse of April 15, 2014 is not visible in Europe, but felt. This lunar eclipse is to take the other side of the world in Australia, West Africa, North and South America. True For the exact astronomical information click here! The highlight is around 9:42 CET. Lunar eclipses always work through the subconscious and is a kind of energy that imprinting to experience a number of months and by works. This lunar eclipse is paired with the annular eclipse of April 29, 2014 8:14 european time. The imprint, the moment of creation is that of the lunar and solar eclipse causes the energy goes into the world, flows out. 

Energy of the lunar eclipse.

Energy of the lunar eclipse.
The energy of this eclipse on April 15, 2014 9:42 BST requires us to go to the silence of your heart, where new inspiration unfolds for the new age, new knowledge, new roads and so forth insights into the silence of your inner world . From silent communication with the heart gives it the ability to eclipse. Ancient mechanisms of the collective unconscious behind us
 Operation both eclipses

The whole thing is like the anchor of a new integrated field of unity in us and in the world . It seems that the first pioneers with these eclipses countries , grounding and anchoring the new earth , which the new energy light can finally get into the collective. Practical shape from non-dual It may be that you are in your head before light and energetic melts . This is a new space in which all opposites come together . This is done with the first lunar eclipse in you, man, and becomes more concrete in the world with the eclipse of late April.

In recent months clashed a lot of energy in us and outside of us . Create something almost impossible , because the coming together of creations was not easy, both in yourself and in the world . The astrological large square in the solar and lunar eclipse creates the unfolding of a new space where new possibilities inwardly can unfold . ( Mars retrograde conjunct Moon and North Node in the 5th house in Libra )


Astrologically large squareI describe below, the individual contribution of each planet involved in the large square . Pluto in Capricorn with Diamond : Authoritarian power is authentic ARE . This position provides a tremendous pressure to bring in yourself , as a kind of implosion everything together.Uranus in Aries ; compelling and explosive innovation that evokes anger and impatience , the fresh new perspectives from spontaneity .

Mars ( retrograde ) in Libra ( conj. Moon and North Node ) opens its new space in yourself so you get a different perspective on yourself and brings everything to a synthesis , new links . Mars as lord of Aries is firmly connected with the renewal of Uranus and makes the internal renovation has taken place in our consciousness.

Jupiter in Cancer in conjunction with the Black Sun creates healing wholeness ( non -dual light) and fed and carried by the Source within you and outside of you. In the chart of the lunar eclipse , which will open a new space in you are Jupiter and the Black Sun in the 2nd house . This shows that there is a new basis of universal values ​​can unfold in you and how you value yourself and looks at values ​​. This participant in the great astrological square allows for recovery of the non-dual light as the basis of our values ​​.This new space can bear fruit in us and opens with the lunar eclipse and anchored in the subconscious . ( Pluto in Capricorn Diamond 8th house ) With the opening of these new values ​​will be no place more restrictive systems . I suspect that events will occur in the financial system and other restrictive system which does not allow the renewal over time.


But also in yourself , where you continue to hold on to. This is a very large inculcation of enormous forces . The eclipse shows itself as a red blood moon which in some cultures is a sign of great change . We have two blood moons in 2014 and in 2015 again two . Be still and move with the changes that will give you the best chance here unscathed through it . Grab the opportunity that these powerful energies you give to your growth from new viewpoints to be seen, old stuck energies a huge leap the old to let go and spend . A new synthesis

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