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Top Ten Dream Internet Marketing Killlers (and how to keep yours alive)

Top Ten Dream Internet Marketing Killlers

(and how to keep yours alive)

Top Ten Dream Internet Marketing Killlers
What keeps you from completing your projects and plans?
Manifesting your visions with interet marketing? Attaining your internet marketing dreams?
Here are the top ten ways that people fail to achieve, and how to
make sure that you are someone who keeps their dreams alive
long enough to manifest them before it kill your dream.
1. Not defining what success means to you.
If you aren’t sure where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? How will you get there at all? Complete this sentence until it feels 100% true for you.
2. Self-limiting beliefs (“I can’t do that because...“, or “I will only
succeed if [or when]...“)
Instead of looking at all the reasons you might fail, look at all the reasons you might succeed! Rather than examine why you can’t, look at how you could.

3. Apathy, lack of passion.
If it’s not worth your passion, you won’t waste your time and energy on it: your vision with internet marketing must inspire YOU.

4. Lack of confidence (the little voice that says “I think I can”)
If your lack of self-confidence is getting in the way, try this: every time you hear your “inner critic”, replace the negative self-talk with these words:
“I can and I will reach my goals". I am worth having a dream, and reaching it.
The past is over and done. The future hasn’t happened yet. The only power you have is in this moment and no other; seize it, and use it well. No one but you can do this.
Self-confidence is not a requirement to success. Many people have achieved great goals without knowing for sure that they could. What they did differently from those who did not achieve, was that they took the steps anyway.
5. Lack of willingness or commitment (being willing to do whatever it
takes to succeed)
Many people give up 5 minutes before the miracle -- or just before the goal line. Are you willing to go the distance for your dream? The winners do and won't let kill all of  your dream 

6. Allowing others to influence you/sway your resolve
Stop spending time with anyone who belittles you or your ideas. Keep your dreams to yourself to give them space to incubate free from critical voices (including yours). Share with others only when you are confident that you will hold fast to your dream no matter what they say (or don’t say) about it.

7. Doubts, fear, worry (focusing on the negative -- where your
attention keeps you)
Your mind is like a telescope -- you must calibrate it yourself. Take control of it and focus on your goals and strategies for success. Let the rest fade out, into oblivion. No one can change your mind but you -- and no one but you controls what you think. If you don’t like what’s on your mind, change it! And keep changing it until you are thinking what you really want to think, putting your attention where you want it to be.

8. Big enough vision to inspire your dream
Sometimes we want something just because everyone (or someone) else thinks we should want it. If there is no passion in it for you, if it does not call to your very soul, it’s not for you. Choose a bigger dream, a higher vision, that lights you up inside from the very core.

9. Lack of support and resources
Timing: Do you have enough time to work on this? What are you willing to do to find the time it will take? Are you willing to see it through, no matter how long it takes to get there?
Alliances: Who will help you accomplish your goal? Who will support you
unconditionally for your journey? Who is in your corner cheering you on? (Hint: a coach fills this role really, really well!) Who else will be there for you?
Resources: What will it take to get this job done? What are the necessary components, ingredients, features, equipment, etc.? How will you bring them into your life?
10. Seeing obstacles as stopping points vs steppingstones/opportunities for change of course or direction/signals for where to go/look next.
Many people give up because they are fooled into thinking that an obstacle is a sign of defeat. It’s not. It’s only an indicator of where to go next, where not to go, what to
change or avoid. Deal with it and move on and don't let kill your dream


Sometimes people allow themselves to stop and get sidetracked, delayed, or quit because they cannot see all the way to the end of the journey and how they will get there. This is a big mistake! You can literally plan the life out of a dream and Blogging together with "Empowernetwork" or "Ipas2"
No one really knows what will happen when they set out upon the vision of a lifetime: it’s too big.
All anyone can do is to take the NEXT step.
Put that word into your vocabulary
right now. You don’t need to know it all; what you really need to know is the NEXT step.
If you are just starting out, what would your FIRST step be? That’s the one to take, or strategize around.
After that, what is the NEXT step? Do that.
Ask the same question again (“What is the next step?”) over and over, until you see the end in sight, and can make your final approach to victory.
When you get to the end of your journey, and look back on how you got there, you will not see the things you thought were obstacles; you will see a series of steps that you took, some large but many small, even quite tiny and seemingly unimportant. Yet it took aLL of them to get you where you are. 
That’s how it’s done. Simple, really, when you think about it.
If you follow this simple procedure, you WILL succeed, despite anything that comes
between you and your dream. Remember: the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step With Empower Network or Ipas2. Take one today!



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