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How To Learn with Health Nutricion And Forget The 5 Unhealth Food That You Never Use Anymore

How To Learn with Health Nutricion And Forget The 5 Unhealth Food That You Never  Use Anymore


How To Learn with Health Nutricion And Forget The 5 Unhealth Food That You Never  Use Anymore


When it comes to our health , it seems like everything was old has become new nutricion. Suddenly Many foods and health protocols that have endowed man with long payment times were attacked and discredited by numerous industry-funded "scientists" who were trying to sell . Their toxic substitutes such nutricion as vegetable oils and artificial sweeteners Since the past two decades, the health awareness has increased dramatically many 'old' ideas are new again . In this article, a list of many of these old things suddenly gulp are in fashion.

Local Food

Before the advent of centrally produced factory food was almost all the food locally sourced . It was also much healthier and more nutritious than the current centrally manufactured and distributed food as " ready meals " and products like " chicken nuggets and burgers ." Thanks to the emergence of local food movements , CSA ( Community Supported Agriculture ) and farmers' markets , local products and dishes popular again , especially since these products are durable . If humanity is to survive the next century , they will have to learn how decentralized local food to be produced.


Once hailed as a medical treatment in itself , has been relentlessly attacked by dermatologists and the " cancer industry " , which is a huge lack of vitamin D has encouraged among the population. But now the importance of vitamin D comes back to light , more and more people are turning to a sensible sun exposure as a powerful , real medical treatment with remarkable anti - cancer benefits.



The violent attacks and campaigns against the consumption of eggs in the 70s and 80s of the last century was entirely based on junk science and deceptive nutrition . Whole eggs , it turns out, are very healthy when they are placed by real free-range chickens that are not fed with GMOs , pesticides and chemicals . Fortunately, people recognize it again and more and more people buy eggs again and even keep their own chickens.


Like eggs butter was also placed by the science of prostitutes " Big Food " in the black books . Massive propaganda to partially sell hydrogenated oils , buttery spreads or margarine spread . Currently it penetrated the people that hydrogenated oils actually poison and that real butter is much healthier than the health effects of fine polished fake butters. 

Cane Sugar


Cane is unashamedly attacked as the 'big' enemy of health . With overuse , this is partly true, but artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose are of greater concern , even with minimal use . Also, glucose syrup is now well known that the disease is more stimulating than cane sugar . More and more people are looking for soft drinks sweetened with real sugar instead of corn syrup .

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