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How Does Cannabis Works And The pharmacology Of Cannabis

 How Does Cannabis Works And The pharmacology Of Cannabis

Cannabis has a demonstrable effect on the human body. Especially in the last 10 years has discovered much about the effect of cannabis administration. You may wonder why because a man at all feel an effect of cannabis: where and how the body happens then?

How Does Cannabis Works And The pharmacology Of Cannabis


Certain substances are present that cause an effect on the body. Into the cannabis plant The most important are the cannabinoids . Since a long time , these substances are known , and the most famous is tetra- hydro - cannabinol , also abbreviated as THC . This is the substance of which you can be at higher dosage , high but it also has a proven effect on nausea , vomiting and pain. In addition, it stimulates the appetite , for example, in people suffering from cancer or AIDS .

The substance cannabidiol ( CBD) may also be present in the cannabis plant. CBD can not be high , but it might work well to reduce anxiety attacks and to slow down . Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer's and dementia Here, there is now plenty of research has been done .


It appears that every man in his brains and nervous system places THC can exercise , called " receptors " its effect. A receptor is a kind of switch which can be pressed if the right chemical substances are present in the body. Once pressed, the switch creates the effect for which the switch is 'meant' . For example, aspirin , press on a particular switch that causes reduces headache . The cannabis - receptors are thus sensitive to the presence of cannabis -like substances.


It is found that our body makes a series of substances that have a cannabis - like effect : the endocannabinoids . These regulate various functions in the body and are important for a well functioning health. The main places where endocannabinoids are employed , are the brains and immune systems.When substances from the cannabis plant enter our body , they can affect certain functions of the Endocannabinoid system . It is easy to see how this mechanism could explain how cannabis has an effect on diseases involving the nervous system ( eg MS , pain) or the immune system ( eg, an autoimmune disease , inflammation ) play a role . Here it is of course important that the proper cannabis variety and optimum dosage form chosen .

Actually brings someone cannabis as a stimulant used his body deliberately unbalanced and their effects are experienced as pleasant . But the idea is that in some diseases in which the body is not balanced correctly , the use of cannabis material balance can restore it visible again. With this approach it is to clearly understand the difference between recreational and medicinal use of cannabis.


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