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Our Nature is Lightened Or Unlightened With The Cave of Plato

Our Nature is Lightened Or Unlightened With The Cave of Plato

As every fairy tale, parable or likeness, Plato attempts in this story to make a point and actually is the message simple. Socrates asks whether people can clearly see, see what they see, and concludes that this is not the case. He paints a picture of the cave, where people from childhood to stay and finally says that "the world of the show (which he also supports among themselves) is the prison," which he is, seeing the humans is limited, that he has a tin tube, colored glasses, looks biased, and does not see what he sees, but sees what he thinks he sees.

Plato does not open-minded , but through the filter of his opinions , beliefs , interests and experiences from his past go. As Herman Hesse that once expressed : " Impure and deformed is the view from the want . Only if we want anything , just look at us as pure contemplation is , opens up the essence of things , the beauty . When I look at a bunch that I buy , lease, cut down to where I want to hunt , I would entrust with a mortgage , I can not see the forest , but only what my wish , my plans and concerns with my make wallet has an reflex of nature Ligthened Then it consists of wood, it is young or old, healthy or sick. When I do , however, nothing will, and so thoughtless deep in the green stare , then only the forest, it is natural , it's beautiful , it gives amazement . " But with their colored glasses to see the man is not the undivided reality , but in things by himself - he has appointed all - divided reality , which he does not belong , but where he stands in front and he looks like a spectator . The shadows of the cave man sees that reduced and verdingde reality. And so is humanity trapped in her constructed by herself underworld where everyone is initially forced to play , he learns his destiny to see, which he gives meaning and even at one point it becomes convinced a role.

Blind guides and such as Socrates that people in the cave used to praise the fastest see which shade is passing by , the inmate will be in this world , the people praised the apparent reality know pretty denote , philosophers , scientists and other experts who devise clever theories with their sleeve look or paradigm or make inventions , which the interior of the cave can be changed. There is an entire entertainment industry emerged , which lives in the cave that broadens the fun , but there are quarrels and wars between people and nations themselves that the shadows indicate a different way and think that they are right lightened.
But anyone who has ever seen the true reality that has escaped from the cave, because he has freed himself from "the system," emptied his head his glasses deposited all his learned opinions as useless ballast has seen, experienced and realizes that he is part of the All, the undivided reality and if he cavemen and their occupations behold, he is "still rather be a poor servant of a poor master, and tolerates rather anything than to think and live like them." Destination of man is to be free and independent, and not to wear out his life in a cave and only get to da he has not lived as he had to live. behind on his deathbed
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