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The Big Picture Of Discovering The Truth Requires Devotion Perseverance And Intelligence

The Big Picture Of Discovering The Truth Requires Devotion Perseverance And Intelligence

The Big Picture Of Discovering The Truth Requires Devotion Perseverance And Intelligence


 Most people mistakenly believe that they already have full freedom.

Why bother acquiring true liberty when you assume you already have it?
As long as you allow obligations or restrictions to be forced upon you, you are not free at all. 
No religion tells you the truth. (Rebinding)
No university tells you the truth. (Scientism)
No government tells you the truth (Mind-Control).
No media tells you the truth (Entertrapment).

These deceptions are caused by a global virus infection (Archons).
The big picture offers timeless and universal explanations for the whole of all. 
Discovering the truth requires devotion, perseverance, and intelligence.Only when you are ready, you might be able to understand the truth.Without real help, you will not likely find the truth before you die. Wholly Science(bigger picture) offers you such help
The big picture reunifies pure science and true spirituality.Science without spirituality is uninspired and exanimate.
Spirituality without science is fantasy and ungrounded.

The big picture explains and integrates the wisdom of all ancient scriptures (such as the Vedas, the Sutras, the Tipitaka, the Bhagavad Gītā, Śrīmad Bhāgavatam, the Popol Vuh, the Tanakh, the Talmud, the Bible, the Nag Hammadi writings, and the Quran) with all modern-day understanding.


The big picture includes the Seven Liberating Arts of ancient Greece:
  • Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric (together known as the Trivium: how to get basic understanding of reality
  • Arithmetic, Geometry, Harmonics, and Cosmology (together known as the Quadrivium: how to get advanced understanding of reality) 
The big picture reunifies:
  • Terrestrial & Celestial              
  •  natural & supernatural
  • normal & paranormal
  • physics & metaphysics,
  • chemistry & alchemy,
  • astronomy & astrology,
  • mathematics & numerology.
The Big picture connects:
  • knowing & feeling
  • mind & heart,
  • Love & Wisdom,
  • Masculine & Feminine,
  • Electricity & Magnetism,
  • classic & modern,
  • public & occult,
  • exoteric & esoteric,
  • West & East.
  • North & South  
Wholly Science is grounded on just two basic rules: 
1. The explanation with the broadest scope or the greatest applicability is the most Wholly.
2. The simplest explanation is the most scientific (Science).

Wholly Science includes all pure scientific findings and all true spiritual insights from:
  •  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Astronomy,
  • Psychology, Philosophy, Theology, Sociology, Etymology
  • Planetary Astrology (“Western”), Cosmic Year Astrology (“Chinese”),
  • Nine Star Ki (“Japanese” Astrology), Tzol’kin (Maya Astrology),
  • Numerology, Gematria, Enneagram, Kabbalah, Gnosis,
  • Taoism, Sufism, and all more or less contaminated religions,
  • all calendar systems (including all time-related concepts) 
  •  all health promoting practices (such as German New Medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal Medicine, dietetics, and Martial Arts) 
source: www.pateo.nl

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