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The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Fraud Lie And The Huge Press Conference

The Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Fraud Lie And The Huge Press Conference


The Malaysia Airlines  Flight MH370 Fraud Lie And The Huge Press Conference



With regard to the family members of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 , there was a ' announcement of the crash "press conference and it could not get worse than this. Actually, this seems to be the hoax , the hoaxes and we mean that it is very easy to see through. Now , suddenly , there is an answer . The hoax Malaysian Airlines plane plunged into the Indian Ocean , where all the occupants died . Why would you do this now familiar? Has anyone satellite images to fix this? What would you think of a piece of real wreck of the aircraft , or are there signs of the black box caught ? Or is it just that the hoax unraveled so extensive and dispel is that this is the only remaining way to cover up the evidence?


 The Malaysian government has gone along with this fabrication . But , now that the hoax is obvious , it is too big and dangerous block to become the leg to persist. " Let's just finish this but , and tell you that the thing is dumped into the ocean . The Rothschilds have already given a boost by revealing the stories about French satellite images . Let's make this quick stash . It is too hot for us. "

 The basic story according to the Rothschild Reuters: 


  Official News Flash: missing Boeing 777 crashed into Indian Ocean 

It does not matter that this is all a big deception. The news spread the lie anyway. And yet, what the hell thought the Malaysian officials anyway? Do not they realize that all the fraud and lies and sought to make them to shame Their nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, Rockefeller agent, has eringeluist them. They bought, or they are themselves as corrupt. Like almost all the top officials in the public life. 

 It' is "now officialy". So it's true, because Rothschild's AP REUTERS said:

Who would believe such nonsense.

That 's it: a few floating pieces according to some vague sources , never confirmed and never , as the protocol prescribes fished ? Nevertheless, the crash listed as confirmed? Who would believe such nonsense .In addition, it is all a set up . It started when Rothschild's France announced that it had satellite images showed that square objects in the Southern Indian Ocean - . This let them ferment for a few hours , and then came the high word out . The story was not that the plane had been hijacked and was sent on a different course . Suddenly could not be said that it had landed in the jungle .No, it's not all that complicated. It just crashed , and everyone is dead .The Iranians have done it . Actually, it was al- Qaeda ( which is al- Mossad - AEDA ) . Despite the fact Uyghurs were first Chinese Muslim descendants.Sure , the device crashed. Ask the family . They will tell you , or will they do ? Can they actually talk? It seems they can only do pathetic and show all sorts of expressions come while they maneuver their bodies in all sorts of strange positions over. They are all so ontheemt that they need to support them, otherwise they fall to the ground at least two people, completely implausible .The following picture is the most used is broadcast around the world . This shows very clearly that it is a hoax , it's fake ! It proves that there is essentially no plane that flew on that day , known as the flight number MH370 .

Source: http://www.bimswiss.com/

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