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Free Trade TTIP Is An Erosion Of Democracy Between The U.S. & EU

Free Trade TTIP Is An Erosion Of Democracy Between The U.S. & EU

The TTIP free trade agreement between the EU and the U.S. is almost round. We just may not know what's in it, everything falls under confidentiality rules. An hour and a quarter. So long was the EU-US summit yesterday, so long Obama, Barroso and Van Rompuy had consultations on the primary TTIP, concluded:
 Free Trade TTIP Is An Erosion Of Democracy Between The U.S. & EU
Free Trade TTIP Is An Erosion Of Democracy Between The US & EU

 The ISDS consultation has now started

Although these points are therefore not officially formulated happens today called the public consultation started on that excitement exciting points so surely prove to be formulated namely ISDS ( our investor - to-state dispute settlement ) . In two inconspicuous twitter messages on their propaganda channel TTIP give negotiators a chance to provide feedback. You have until June 21 to rule on a 30 A4 sheets deliberately unclear written text which apparently quite deliberately twisting the facts again . 30 pages propaganda and ask , without actually making the content. ISDS clauses of the public So therefore , is that participation in the EU.They say there are already at:

EU Trade Commissioner # Degucht : " Our plans for # # ISDS in TTIP would then strict EU govts 'right to Regulate in the public interest' . " Our plans for  # ISDS in TTIP would address head-on problems with Existing investor protection system 'Either the ISDS is mainly to protect investors better ie : f * ck the citizens and States ! LLE asks : Where is the protection of democracy , sovereignty and citizens must take their wallets again and again ? Where is the protection for food safety and protect us against GMOs , junk in the air and mess in the food ? Where is the protection system that protects us against the copyright dictatorship ? That all systems are not functioning, but claims that billions of large companies , which come with the ISDS system for sure .And even if it is quite malodorous ISDS conscious as change is used for selling the TTIP treaty to the people , and therefore void , it remains a dire TTIP stinking cesspool. At least, with what we know of it , and that is consciously and deliberately kept to a minimum .The TTIP and the erosion of democracyFortunately leaks occasionally what the TTIP treaty , such as the ACTA version 2 component , and the various TTIP - revelations are quite staggering :The free trade agreement between the EU and the U.S. is a violation of our safety and our social policy , and erodes democracy .The erosion of democracy ... violent words ... Based on what exactly?

Can a Member State [ was signed after TTIP Convention] even create additional policies once the treaty has been concluded ? The country runs the risk of being sued by a supranational court. [ LLE : that ISDS rules ] This kind of ' conflict resolution ' is extremely controversial and rightly lot of discussion .

Known example is the indictment of the Swedish energy company Vattenfall against the German government. When Germany after the Fukushima disaster decided to close its nuclear reactors Vattenfall complained . Germany not only weakened the environmental requirements for the company , Vattenfall also laid a claim of 3.7 billion down by the German government to compensate for lost profits.

If this kind of dispute will soon become part of the treaty , all Member States are facing the American claim culture .Well , to grant to the devastating nuclear energy , while governments do not want - and a multibillion - fine for the government too. Clearly Away with us , away with democracy ! Just another example of the future under the TTIP . There is a reason that we hear from the ways of the mainstream media little about , it must remain secret :

Then the shadowy information . Proponents argue that transparency is paramount , but NRC 19 December Ploumen minister says that it is " a good thing is that the negotiations behind closed doors ." Moreover, the information from the European Commission still limited - the minutes of the negotiations remain secret.

What is known is that there have been large corporations and their lobby groups approximately 120 meetings in preparation for the negotiations - again behind closed doors.In secret arrangements with major corporations and lobby groups have a devastating and gouging treaty . Look , if we recognize the EU , their usual way of working.The EU does more harm than we would like . Pro - Europe , so by the EU.


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