donderdag 13 maart 2014

Happy Brienz

Brienz Tourism takes on the trend of the moment: Tourism experts have published a Youtube video modeled after the blockbuster "Happy" 

The whole world is "Happy" - the Bernese Oberland. After New York, Moscow, Berlin and Bern also the Oberland lake community will bring to the video everyone is talking about."There is currently absolutely the trend," says Beatrice Brunner, managing director of Brienz Tourism. Thus, the Brienz are the first tourism organization of the region, which adapts the latest hype.
Cut together over 100 videos
By request or spontaneously on the street Brienz Tourism has people encouraged to participate. In total, 100 videos were received - from these made the tourism organization this past weekend a montage. On Tuesday, the result was published.
In the video exult school children, tourists, a post-chauffeur car and the team of Brienz Tourism. "We wanted to show our performers," says Brunner. Locations are the Ball Mountain, the Brienzerrothornbahn that Axalp ski area, the historical Brunngasse and the lakeside promenade. Brunner is proudly: "Make me the beauty of nature and the diversity that we have here happy," says the managing director.
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