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Why Governments Still Forbid Hemp In The Industry

Why Governments Still Forbid Hemp In The Industry

Why Governments Still Forbid Hemp In The Industry


Why is Hemp forbidden?

Hemp is a natural product, which has so many applications that the prohibition there should be calm. Called a crime against humanity

This plant can be used for many applications, it truly seems like a fairy tale

It takes almost no effort to grow in terms of maintenance (mechanical) weed the plant.

Stories are fairytales but this is no Fairytale

 The plant is placed deliberately in the corner of drugs like marijuana , weed , etc. propagated , but the correct name is HEMP ( Botanical name : Cannabis sativa ) . There is indeed a difference between hemp and marijuana , although technically the same plant. It has to do with the content of THC and the healing it provides. For safety, both product lines is illegal and prohibited . Use and possession of it is illegal. Since 1937 in the United States Goverment, and about that time, also in the rest of the world.Why ? Because hemp was used at that time as a raw material for clothing , of course, " plastic" , many applications in the automotive industry , rope, cloth , paper, food preparations , medicines and many other applications . In America it was so , that the prohibition to use for hemp cultivation. Farmers a certain percentage of their land This rule was punishable dodge ! There are many more facts to tell who were displaced by misleading coverage . Over the years of our awareness about hemp in the industry

80% of the hemp fibers of weaving where used in the Textile industry
The First car who was made of hemp came from Henry Ford was build in 1940. This idea was of course amazing  But a  Bankster and a director of a steel factory stoped this project directly because the couldn't  get big profit
with hemp.




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