zaterdag 22 maart 2014

Million Mask March Bern To The Power Of United People In Switzerland Fighting Of The Forces Of Evil

Million Mask March Bern To The Power Of United People In Switzerland Fighting Of The Forces Of Evil 

Million Mask March Bern To The Power Of United People In Switzerland Fighting Of The Forces Of Evil

 Hello Brothers  and Sisters

We want with the M.M.M (Million Mask March) Switzerland Team to set a point to Love & Freedom. This is nothing to with Vendetta and mabey thinking about the masks. The masks  are for us a symbol of revelution, how are our brother and sisters in Brasil, Turkey, Ukrain and the rest of the world, who stand up for our rights and what we don't have because this an illusion and fight for freedom and  what ever what kind skin color, do the have, culture or religion(rebinding).

We want to mobilize the people in Switzerland jointly at 5th of November 2014 to give a sign to the people who are still  sleeping and ofcourse to wake up for more manipulation of freedom and fighting of the forces of evil.

We are dictates what we have to say or think, how to act, to whom or what to believe, what is good for us and so ... we need that? ... Do we need a prison of rules that only the upper 10,000 bring something? Let us demonstrate to the government that we take our responsibility again and no one need that has to tell us what we should do or not! Let our personal responsibility to take back and free us from the slavery of the top 10,000! Not with violence, But with a silent demonstration!

obtained for the occasion no permit, because we reserve the right not want to take the simple reason, as Swiss people to stand in front of the parliament building and to
protest for our cause!
This is not merely a question of freedom on the Internet, no, it's about the freedom of mankind! Let us work together FOR freedom, Gerchtigkeit and fraternity to protest!

we want to see absolutely no violence!
We ask you to enter care of each other! there are families with children, the elderly and people with disabilities körpelichen be with us, we ask you to be considerate and if there should be any excess, to protect this! We do not know how the government will react to us, so it is absolutely imperative that we stick together!
Please remember, violence begets violence! We want to set a peaceful sign!
In the event that trouble-makers mingle with our group and want to stir up controversy, we ask you to withdraw immediately from those for all that is visible, that those do not belong to us and do not represent our views!
We will have roses at us, which we will distribute them to the police if they will come to us.
Keep your cameras ready to capture everything and to share with the world!
We call for a Million Mask March, but it is always welcome, even without a mask! We want people to unite in Bern, Switzerland, whether young, old, whatever their origin or what level, because we are all the same, we are all ONE, we are all HUMAN!

See You @ november 5, 2014


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