maandag 10 maart 2014

Making Emmentaler Cheese old fashioned, Switzerland

The Emmentaler Cheese is one of the most famous Swiss cheese, and what you see here is Live making Emmentaler Cheese. on the old fashioned way in Affoltern (AG), Switserland

Emmentaler or Emmental is a yellow, medium-hard cheese that originated in the area around Emmental, in Switzerland. It is one of the cheeses of Switzerland, and is sometimes known as Swiss cheese. While the denomination "Emmentaler Switzerland" is protected, "Emmentaler" is not; as such, Emmentaler of other origin, especially from France and Bavaria, is widely available and even Finland is an exporter of Emmentaler cheese.

 Emmentaler has a savoury, but not very sharp taste. Three types of bacteria are used in the production of Emmentaler: Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus, and Propionibacterium freudenreichii. In the late stage of cheese production, P. freudenreichii consumes the lactic acid excreted by the other bacteria, and releases carbon dioxide gas, which slowly forms the bubbles that make holes. Failure to remove CO2 bubbles during production, due to inconsistent pressing, results in the large holes ("eyes") characteristic of this cheese. Historically, the holes were a sign of imperfection, and until modern times, cheese makers would try to avoid them.[1] Emmentaler cheese is used in a variety of dishes, including some types of pizza, and ravioli, where it is often accompanied with Ham.

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