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My way to freedom from Zurich Airport (Kloten) Switzerland to Frankfurt Airport direct to Costa Rica

  My way to freedom from Zurich Airport (Kloten) Switzerland to Frankfurt Airport direct to Costa Rica

My way to freedom from Zurich Airport (Kloten) Switzerland to Frankfurt Airport direct to Costa Rica

After much consideration, I decided that I needed to turn my life in freedom and liberty Because I want to stop work for a boss to and wants to withdraw out of the Corrupt and this Spastic system.
Now i'm using Ipas2. to get my self in freedom, this is not easley one, two, three,working because you have something to do for this of course. After working and traveling around in different places in Europe, I worked  as a cook in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland , I am now ready with spastic system which we still have to live, with that I have therefore decided to undertake to pick up my new life and am in the world of Internet Marketing to be stepped to earn Big money. to be successful This comb because I've been out of work, I have been more than 2years Workless and 3months In Social Services. The last 9years. that I have lived and worked in Switzerland. I've seen a lot of this country, a lot of nice things, but also the lesser things that I've encountered, which the majority of people have no knowledge of or never have wondered what all that means.
Op weg naar Zürich Airport (Kloten

Six weeks ago I was on Facebook against a person who also does Internet Marketing who wanted to help me (the name I let it omitted because his privacy ) to go . Blogging with the Viral Blogging System Empower Network to get started He then came to me and suggested to go there that the Big Boys are EmpowerNetwork including David Wood and Dave Sharpe ( the founders ) . Me to Costa Rica I was very excited when he asked me this , he explained to me how we are going to tackle this , and how this will in all honesty and how you can be with Internet Marketing and blogging success. I went right in his Team # Simpowerteam stepped and my username chosen as # bimswiss .

Three weeks later , we decided to book the flight to go to Fly from Zurich Airport via Frankfurt Airport off and then on to Costa Rica Two days after , and that is a day earlier as we had first a hotel booked for the next day because the airplane to Frankfurt that was left at 6:30 , so we had packed our stuff and left everything behind that I could not take. Out of Gerlafingen (Canton Solothurn ) with the Via Train Solothurn directly off to travel to Zurich. Airport Hotel


Zürich(Kloten) - Frankfurt

Once we arrived in the hotel, I had quickly written a blog to the next morning to the airport to go check in at the "Swiss" Desk in Zurich (Kloten) Airport. As usual, here we also had two hours in advance there. Good? Two hours that actually went over quickly after because we had to find out where was the entrance of the gate, a few cups of coffee and sandwiches we could finally board the plane that we Flew to Frankfurt Airport (Fraport), take off with this device (Airbus), unfortunately I`ve forgotten wich airplain to be flown, it was certainly not a Airbus 380. you know, the second type of device that has two floors. Yes exactly, a Boeing 747, no coincidence that can not because coincidence does not exist. By the way this is also out on Eleven provided you let the number7 a way.

After that we stepped inside the "Swiss" airplane did we had a airplane where you could sit well with ample legroom what's was compared to the "Condor" flight from Frankfurt to Costa Rica, the flight was very pleasant, the service was very good and the pilot who was trained by the Swiss Luftwaffe could pave the way and landed in my mind more than perfect at Fraport (Frankfurt Airport).
Once we landed and stepped off the plane we arrived around 7:30 then we had to wait for the next plane to departed at 21:50 to Costa Rica.

to be continued

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