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Ukraine-Russia Conflict Behind the hidden Motives Like A Yugoslavia War

Ukraine-Russia Conflict Behind the hidden Motives Like A Yougoslavia War

Ukraine-Russia Conflict Behind the hidden Motives Like A Yugoslavia war

i tried to explain the Ukraine-Russia Conflict how the hidden motives are
Standardized by the West method for its imperialist activities several times Again and again we see that Gene Sharp method. The ultimate method is tested prior to the Yugoslavia war . It's now even the Serbs of the former OTPOR - resistance group who have united in a revolution management center called Canvas , which help in driving global and rigging of revolutions . In Egypt , Tunisia and Libya, they were clearly present . We can also see the same method at the moment to be applied in Venezuela . In Ukraine we have now entered phase 3 . The first two phases were working on a popular uprising , followed by a forced change of government by the West . Built to a civil war . During phase three This war should come anyway , which is namely the Mainstream Media sold as necessary to address . Interference of Russia That in fact there is George Orwell's Newspeak ( also called " double-speak ') is obviously not explained. That leaked wiretaps showing that the West was behind the snipers in Kiev , that image analyzes demonstrate that this is simply not mentioned. Also the fact that there is cooperation with a neo-Nazi party is simply ignored . The power of the media is that people simply believe what the news or the newspaper she says . That small percentage of what it thinks itself ' collateral damage ' and we call for convenience jokingly "conspiracy theorists"


To build a new civil war is obviously good for the arms trade . It also provides some additional pressure on the already fragile European economy , that Russia might be the gas will run close together and there has to be invested in the fresh country incorporated within it . Oil companies thus have an additional excuse for the gas field in the West of Ukraine to go mine . If Russia is indeed showing an unreliable supplier , we must ourselves be reaming . Gas quickly That is an extra reason for more troops in the region , because gas has to be protected.


The population is distributed in the Russian-speaking part of the population that hangs to Russia and the other part that hangs to Europe . In the Crimea may be possible even played a little with Muslim extremism among the Tatar population . All the ingredients are there to once again be able to deliver some good weapons.

That's big business for all kinds of mafia groups . Moreover, you can fine many victims again . The word " sacrifice " is there for a reason for . It seems an aim in itself to make . Many deaths You often hear words in the alternative media that the third world war is going to come . But the fact is that this is going on for years . But as you count the number of wars that America and Europe founded in recent decades together. It 's just that the people remain asleep lulled by "bread and circuses" . The ancient Babylonian world order is still trying to get a grip on the entire world , and calls it 'the New World Order . " The Babylonian race so busy with this, feeds on blood sacrifice and pedophilia . Therefore, many wars have to be conducted with as many casualties . Therefore, children are drugged to be abused by highly placed and this is also used for extortion and blackmail in politics . It is time that you and I have this Babylonian bloodline will show that their time has been.
Vladimir Putin

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